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Hagalicious as a verb is the action of re-approaching, accepting and loving the person you are right now with serene irony.

Hagalicious as an adjective describes an attitude encompassing and transcending the resignation of defeat, heroic self acceptance, lust for self and clowning around about it

Hag's meaning is "ugly, slatternly, or evil-looking old woman". Hagalicious is a reversing talisman of self love and acceptance as we reorganize as elder s. Crone's meaning is an ugly, withered old woman; a hag. on the "Free Dictionary" and Merriam Webster online: Middle English, from Old North French carogne, carrion, cantankerous woman, from Vulgar Latin *carnia, carrion, from Latin car, carn-, flesh; see sker-1 in Indo-European roots.
Delicious "Merriam Webster" online: affording great pleasure
Verb: I totally hagalicious'd that.
Adjective: The air above the limb rippled with a hagalicious smile.
by ironicalhero September 01, 2013
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In the spirit of "fag hag" and "one who has magic powers," the hagalicious individual associates with those who one step ahead of the game and is a clever & wise jetsetter herself. The hagalicious individual is one who you don't want to be on there bad side because they will use everything in their power to put you back in your place. She may also appear as demure or coy; however, it is only an act. There's a barracuda underneath the piles of sweetness.
Do not cross her, she's a hagalicious, and she will come for you.

She's great to have as a friend; however, not as an enemy--she'll get hagalicious on you!
by Silverlakeshine April 30, 2011
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