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Someone who always pretends to be tough even though he faces so many hard times. He might be smile while crying inside or spreads love to his friends even though he is the one who heartbroken. He is the one who u can keep your secret with. The man who sacrifice his egos just for his beloved ones. His heart might looks like stitched with thousand thread but his spirit not even scratch at all. Whenever he made a decisions, nothing can change it. But being his beloved ones will let you get the chance to change it. The most hated thing is lie. A single lie will break his trust, but still he is the most forgiving people u ever met. Being honest is the only way.
I heard someone had been deceived by his girlfriend and he was crying yesterday. But today he is smiling like there is no problem. I guess he is Hafizh!
by Kim Tan December 28, 2017
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