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hadil is a cute girl with beautiful eyes. she is shy but when you get to know her she is the best person to be with. She likes to be with friends and family. She can keep secrets and always there to talk to. won't judge you for doing something wrong. she doesn't get upset or angry easily but easily jealous. hadil likes guys that are dark skinned and that are loyal to their girls. she hated guys that are up them self and think that they are big. don't ever mess with her because she isn't scared of anything. she is athletic, funny and easily laughs at anything. she is like a book don't judge the book by its cover, don't judge her looks but her personality.
'what is that cute girl's name'
'her name is hadil'
by chloe ray October 04, 2016
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Hadil is usually a thot who likes to date every guy she can. She only likes guys for looks and not personality. She is very narcissistic and doesn’t care about anyone else. she also likes stealing hoodies.
Person 1: oh hey looks it’s hadil

Person2: quick hide your hoodies so she doesn’t see them.
by itsharold June 16, 2019
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