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Hackerd is usually the last name of a beautiful woman. Some may not like this girl(and they would be wrong to do so), but she is truly loved by all others. Even though this girl may never do it she looks like a goddess when her hair is up and she has her glasses on. She is one of the only few girls that have a real sense of humor, and her smile is beauty itself which brightens up another's day. The laugh that she produces is in its own way cute. Her green/brown eyes shine brighter than the North Star. She is fond of tattoos and piercings, but above all is more; extravagant, majestic, wonderful, and gorgeous than a unicorn.

If she decides to be someone's friend than they are blessed to have her presence.
Boy 1: "who is that beautiful girl over there?"

Boy 2: "How do you not know, that is Hackerd"
by raho January 09, 2014
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