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Pronounced: "HEK TICK"

1. A phrase used as slang to acknowledge a muzza with a particular focus upon individuals that regard their hair to be more important than family. The hair must contain radical differences in length, specifically the lower region of the heads rear to obtain a ratty (rat-tail)/mullet accompanied with a substantial fringe. These individuals tend to have a life focus on their mode of transport (such as VL Commodores, Calais and Turbo which are often low enough so that even entering a driveway becomes an issue).

2. Can often be paired with the word 'beats' to describe a particular style of music associated with muzza's and their 'boiz'.

3. It is often used to describe the events of ones night out clubbing, doing burnouts or cruising with 'DA Boiz'.
'He looks so h3ctic'
'H3ctic Beats'
'It was a h3ctic night'
by The.Chief June 04, 2009
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