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a very heavily accented version of okay.
"H'OKAY! so, here we have the earth. a sweet earth you might say... it's ROUND! h'okay, so here we have the icecaps melting, the ozone layer leaving, the sun exploding, some meteors becoming crashed into us... and we're definitely going to blowing ourselves up." XP
by Sen October 02, 2004
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Hokay is a term (meaning "ok") used by Arab rap sensation Group X in their social-political commentary on the United States and their dominance over the world in the "End of the World".

"Hokay, here is the Earth- chillin'. 'Damn, that is a sweet Earth,' you might say. Wrong."
Hokay, here eez zee Earth- cheellin'.
'Dayum, zat eez a sweet Earth,' you might say.

-End of the World
by Yvone October 11, 2004
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A phrase used to explain the End of the World. It's a foreign accent version of okay
Hokay, here's tha earf, daayum it's a sweet earf ROUND. So besides the ice CAPES melting or meteor become crash into us, we're definately going to blow ourselves up. HOKAY...
by Rellix June 08, 2004
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A word to indicate agreement, normally in a cheerful manner. This word has evolved from 'okay'or 'ok'.
Jenny: Do you want to meet at 7 tonight?
Naomi: Yeah that sounds good!
Jenny: Hokay! See you later then!
Naomi: Hokay! Byee!
by Charlyee March 07, 2007
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a form of "Okay", commonly used as a cooler replacement of "okee dokee".
Guy: Hokay.
Girl: Hokay!? Stealing my word?
Guy: Your word? Pfft. You're not the president of it!
by Cecilia1234 July 23, 2009
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A word in which hipsters or genuinely cool guys colorfully say okay. In most cases people who aren't cool cannot pull this off. It is usually used with an Italian/Russian-esque accent. and sounds freakin fresh.
My dad: Hokay, time to make dinner.
by marcky_barcky March 21, 2009
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