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noun c
one who behaves like or resembles in some ways the behaviour of a gypsy.

1. to behave in a gypsy like manner
2. resembling that of a gypsy
3. something that is unusual in a normally bad way

adverb -ly
1. in the manner of a gypsy
2. in a manner that is strange
noun c
"The most hated man in the priory was the man who hath slew all but one of the children who dids't live there. He was an evil man, a blasphemer, a rapist and a gypatian."

1. The man pocketed the shoes and left in a most gypatian manner.
2. The clothes he was wearing were gypatian.
3. "I'm going to cut my mother's name into my arm with a rusty nail" said Tom.
"That's gypatian." replied Eric.

1. He gypatianly aimed the shotgun at the innocent child.
2. The clouds parted and from the once blue sky an angel emerged gypatianly, to fall to earth.
by Veiko December 01, 2007
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