a fembot, a female robot or synthetic humanoid with female characteristics, anatomy and/or reproductive organs. i think it would be safe to assume that you can't have a gynoid without a vagina.
my girlfriend was being a bitch, so i told her if she didn't shape up i was going to get myself a gynoid.
by ]\/[ March 8, 2004
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A robotic creation designed to mimic the look and often behavior of a human female; from the Greek "gyn-," meaning "woman," and the suffix "-eides," meaning "of the species; alike." Male-form robots are known as "androids," although coloquially android or the gender-neutral diminuitive "droid" can refer to both.
"Dude, I built a gynoid for my android girlfriend!"
"So you built a robot lesbian?"
by DaveZucker August 17, 2007
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