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Gwenythfar is a truly beautiful young lady. Usually a red-head, you would think with a name like that she should be a princess.... but actually, she would prefer to be the knight on a white horse, or running with wolves or tending to a stray or hurt animal.
She is loyal to a fault, and is the best friend anyone could hope for. Gwenny, as she is often called, is not into drama... she is a straight-shooter and will not tolerate anyone with a lack of integrity. She is the defender of the weak.... always standing up for the underdog. So if you are a bully, look out!
Yet, everything that Gwenythfar does, she does with grace. She has suffered loss, but is a survivor. She loves her family and they love her. She is intelligent, humble, and a true inspiration.
Lady Gwenythfar gave up her tiara for a baseball bat and a basketball!!
Don’t worry, Gwenythfar’s got your back!
by SarasotaBound January 18, 2020
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