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A ginger that is into all the emo things and is constantly reading fanfiction (it's become a problem).She is very tall and is very pale she is aslo incredibly intelligent. Gwenavieves also have millions of freckles that represent all the souls she has stolen. She like cats and she enjoys the company of her friends (though they can be a bit much). Is loyal to their partner and will stand by their side no matter what. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to get them to say what's one there mind but once you do you'll love listening to all their amazing thoughts. Great friend, funny, smart, and name is also shortened to Gwen sometimes.If you have a Gwen in your life keep them close because their awesome and will do great things.
Person 1 - "what do you think Gwenavieves doing?"
Person 2- " probably reading fanfiction"
Person 3- " or listening to emo music"
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