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A truck that provides food services to workplaces or other gathering places. The food is typically vending machine fare such as cans of soda and bottles of tea, as well as bags of snack foods or jerky. Often a warming oven keeps a number of premade hamburgers, hot dogs, and/or pizza slices ready for consumption.

The quality of the food is typically low, and prices high compared to other purchase options.
On our afternoon break we went out to the gut truck and got a bottle of coke and a nasty reheated burger.
by Joe From Kentucky February 05, 2011
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a gut truck is that trucj that rolls up to your work for lunch break carrying loads of preheated sandwhiches and egg burgers that have your guts turning and your asshole pissing through the eye of a needle minits after you finish you delicious botulism sandwhich.
dude i shat my pants hard after that burger i bought off the gut truck today.
by Kyle Prosko March 22, 2007
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