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One who supervises over all the gulps. He is responsible for the slobbing of the Knob, and the reach around technique. The Gupivisor reports to the Head momonuts and fuck fucks of the department. The Gulps that he or she watches over check shitty parts at work and sign off on bad parts becasue "it doesn't matter, party til the gates close."
Head Momonut: "Morning Team, where's the Gulpivisor?"
Gulp: "I don't know"
Head Momonut: "Well, when you see him, tell him I need to ask him about that Big Boogers program on the CMM"
Gulp: "uh...ok"
Rick-Lite: "Gulp Gulp...Hey momonuts, did I tell you about my Big Block Chevy?"
by Rick-Lite December 03, 2010
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