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A guitar noob is usually quite a young guitarist who thinks they can do lodes of fast shred soloing just by randomly picking and sweeping notes. They are usually found in guitar shops and guitar exhibitions like music live or NAMM playing the best guitar on the loudest amp deliberately in front of other people trying to show off a false sense of musical knowledge and technicality when they sound absolutely terrible, there for making a complete noob out of them self.
Typically, guitar noobs practice alot but are too arrogent to take criticism so just keep practicing all the wrong things there for staying at the same level of playing for a very long time.
Randon guitar shop guy: Hey, you ever heard of Yngwie Malmsteen or Steve vai, shit, man those guys can shred on guitar!
Guitar noob:Ah yeh, those guys are kwl but some of there stuff is actually quite easy!
Random guitar shop guy: No way man! lets hear u do some of their stuff!
guitar noob:(makes terrible unmusical very loud horrible noise using his guitar)...See its easy dude!
Random guitar shop guy:Yeh.....kwl....(walks away).....What a freaking guitar noob....
by Adam Kurowski November 07, 2007
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A person who believes that he is a pro guitar player when in fact he is n0ob.
Ben: Hey Nick, check out that guitar noob!
Nick: Yeah, that guy sucks ass like Herman.
by Emma Yeandle April 30, 2007
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