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Slang for the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge, the bridge joining Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY to Staten Island, NY.

Term derived from the stereotype that Italians, escaping from Brooklyn, use this bridge to get to the one neighborhood they can escape to.
"Ya cross the guinea gangplank, go to Hyland Boulevard and make a right . . . "
by pony_trekker July 16, 2005
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Slang name for the Verrazano-Narrows bridge connecting Brooklyn with Staten Island. The name was coined by pre-bridge State Island residents who resented the large influx of people into their borough after the bridge was built. There was a large Italian-American influx from Brooklyn along with other nationalities as the island was built up after the bridge went into service back in 1964.
All these guinea gangplankers have ruined what used to be a nice peaceful island.
by blueMagoo March 23, 2009
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The Steel beams of the various bridges in the tri state area. Circa 1940-
He walked the GINNY GANG PLANK
by Queen Cornholio May 07, 2003
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