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A gugugugugugugug is a gugugugugugugug that is a gugugugugugugug. many gugugugugugugugs can get extremely vicious. Some gugugugugugugugs may even eat clocks if they get desperate. Although gugugugugugugugs are inanimate objects, many people think they are alive, which recent studies have shown that they are. Many gugugugugugugugs eat clay. It is a bad source of protein and nutrition, so it's healthy for them to eat. You may be wondering, how do i feed my gugugugugugugug if i have no clay or clocks? Well, lucky for you, gugugugugugugugs don't need to eat! Although gugugugugugugugs have cause countless deaths and resurrections, the gugugugugugugug remains the least popular breed of dog yet! (It's pretty obvious why!) Anyways, gugugugugugugugs can be found inside human mouths and happily munching on internal organs. However, gugugugugugugugs are part of the grass family, so they are NOT working for the chairs. Gugugugugugugugs can grow to be the size of the moon.
"Hey! My gugugugugugugug died! I wonder how! Good riddance!"

"Hey! I brutally murdered my gugugugugugugug! Good riddance!"
by Meowmeow9876 May 07, 2018
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