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A lot of unnecessary fuss about nothing much at all. Often comedic in nature or having, in the least, whimsical undertones.

Alternative spellings: guffufal, guffufle, gerfuffle, kaffufal, kaffufel and kerfuffle.

My Dad, B. Fathers, often spoke of a "kaffufal valve". I took it that a kaffufal valve would be the type of thing used or found on one of Professor Branestawms' inventions popularised in a series of books by Norman Hunter.

See: Author Norman Hunter and in particular W. Heath Robinsons' illustrations of Professor Branestawms' inventions/contraptions to understand about kaffufal valves and you will see the connection between guffufel and a kaffufal valve.

Guffufel - A lot of unnecessary fuss about nothing much at all.

Kaffufal valve - An unnecessary device used on a unnecessary machine that tends to lead to a lot of comedic fuss about nothing much at all.
Two women at a 10% off sale in the ladies underwear section of a store, were fighting over this one last bra. They were tugging and pulling until suddenly the bra ripped in half. Each women, sweating, puffing and panting walked off, triumphant, with half a bra each.

Two male staff members who witnessed this titty covering tug'o'war, wondered why it was sooo important to get the bra or even one half of it and whatever would they do about their homeless titty? Turning to each other one of the staff persons remarked to the other "what a f'kin guffufel, silly pair of Guff Buckets."
by Rod Fathers (see Guff Bucket) October 31, 2013
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