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Queen of the underworld in ancient McNeliscian mythology. The most beautiful of all the goddesses! It was said that just to gaze at her could turn even a gay mortal mans member to hard rock. She was also goddess of the harvest & commanded the moon. Followers of Guerriero celebrated the first full moon after the Spring and Fall equinox. Guerriero was capable of transforming her look and appearance. One moment she could have short blond hair the next long and flaming red. Also her clothing could change magically always appearing fashionably in touch with society. Most of the time Guerriero had a sweet disposition, but once aggravated her fiery temper would flare and woe to the person who brought down her wrath! It was known that Guerriero's tongue could strike quicker than a cobra & her words could sting like a scorpion! She once made Hercules cry like a baby! The only god strong enough of mind and body to weather her fiery wrath was PMac also known as Big Paulie King of the underworld in McNelisian mythology. He was known to be the smartest and wisest of all the gods. It should also be noted that PMac was well endowed! Once PMac laid eyes upon Guerriero he could think of nothing else also his scepter swelled immensely! PMac pursued her with vigor, writing poetry in her name and making her laugh with his quick wit. PMac won the greatest prize, the heart and mind of Guerriero. PMac made Guerriero his queen and they ruled the underworld hand in hand and in perfect unity.
Modern day example - Yo my nigga I'm heading over to Cassadaga to get me one of those Guerriero amulets so my penis will stay hard when I'm banging my bitch.
by Big Paulie Mac November 04, 2013
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