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A Gypsy bus, usually with enough seats to fit roughly 24 people, however the uncanny ability to pack massive amounts of people into these small vehicles is regularly exercised. Found in the NY Metro area, these small delapitated vans are frequently ridiculed as the drivers have no regard for human life. It is believed by some that the van itself is composed of straw and poor quality wood, while the bus runs on cooking oil, as the driver is too poor to afford anything else. Riding one is definatly a lifechanging experience.
1:Yo Sebastian, lets get out of this fuckin bus, theres a hole in the floor and exhaust fumes are leaking in.

2: Ight, but yo Nick and Kyle are in the back of the van, theres at least 30 people between us-

1:Fuck em lets get out

2:Ight pull the fuckin string (cant afford stop buttons)

Nick (to kyle): Hey were are cory and brown going?! oh fuck they leavin us! pull the fuckin string! pull it!

Narrator: As Nick and Kyle yank away at the string, their cries for help are ignored and in order to try and save money, the driver thought that he could save gas (or cooking oil) by switching 3 lanes without signaling and the back half of the bus gets torn to pieces by an 18 wheeler with the death of 53 people
by I Need Cable January 12, 2005
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a 1987 ford ranger or any other vehicle that is beat up and owned by a guatemalan or guat. This vehicle is usually packed with illegal immigrants such as guats, cubans, columbians, El Salvadorians, and many other types of wetbacks.
Brian:There goes ron in the guatmobile.
Me:yeah, what a piece of shit. It should be illegal to drive that shit in public.
by ur mom March 02, 2005
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