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gtbos - abbrev. "glad to be of service"; i.e. "I am pleased that the services I have performed for you were in some way beneficial to you." May often be used in a sarcastic sense.

The abbreviation may be written entirely in capitals ("GTBOS") or entirely in lowercase ("gtbos"). Compromises such as "GtboS" are considered by most practitioners to be unacceptable.

While most GTBOSologists will agree that this term ought not to be used in its abbreviated form in spoken discourse, attitudes towards this term are gradually becoming liberalized, and more modern academicians (known to most as neo-GTBOSicians) are willing to accept its use as part of oral vernacular, but only if articulated letter-by-letter (i.e. "jee-tee-bee-oh-ess"). All GTBOSological experts will agree that it is improper to speak this abbreviation as a word in its own right (i.e. "gitboss" or "jetboss").
JohnQPublicOnline: "hey tim, thx for taking over my shift. i rly appreciate it."

TimTheInternetGuy: "no problem, john. gtbos. :)"

John Q. Public: "What the flying fuck, Tim? You just wrecked my car!"
Tim, sarcastically: "GTBOS, mate!"
John Q. Public: "Go die in a fire, you worthless bastard."
by The Atomic Goatburglar July 08, 2009
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