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Simple-minded, repetitive and some times redundant work.
Using a lawnmower can take the grunt work out of pruning the lawn. ;)
by CDB March 19, 2004
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selfish idiots in my neighborhood who think that they don't need to wear a mask because the rest of us do
A maskhole jogged right past me in the park today
by Bethinslope May 11, 2020
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(adj): any type of labor that requires little to no training.
Simple work easy tasks, ETC

see also: grunt
Person A: I always get stuck doing the gruntwork!

Person B: What do you expect for minimum wage?
by Jeff May 16, 2005
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The stimulation of one's own genitals, with intent to orgasm; sexual self-gratification.
I sprained my wrist doing grunt work last night.

My wife was out of town last weekend, so I got stuck doing grunt work.

I've been doing grunt work since I was nine years old.
by TVI February 29, 2012
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