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A creature that stalks you in the night waiting for when ur not looking and snatches your grundle. This creature is 3 ft tall, purple, hairy, makes a sound similar to "GIHEE", and can reach the speed of 47 miles per hour.

*note* a grundle monster is the exact same thing as grundle troll
God Damnit, that grundle monster stole my grundle. Now i have to shit on my balls because my grundle has been stolen.

Grundle - The area between your asshole and your balls.
by fuckin funkytown hoes June 30, 2006
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A mysterious green monster that runs around picking peoples grundles with his grundle claw while the other hand is in his ass.
Better wipe good or the grundle monster will get ya!
by Grundle Fairy December 20, 2012
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