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The wicked stepsister of the dingleberry. Formed when one has diarreah or other digestive ailment, the grundelberry is a vulgar clump of human excrement that forms in small balls around hairs found in the human grundle.
Ex. When one goes to Taco Bell and eats three 1/2 lb Beef Combo Burritos, one will experiance gastro-intestinal defiance leading to grundelberry infestation of the grundel.
by Matthew MacKenzie December 10, 2005
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Also known as dingleberries, grundel berries are the remniants of poop that have attached to the grundel hairs during the course of wiping oneself after taking a crap. BEWARE: Grundel berries can become very itchy!
When I was younger, my mother always told me, "Make sure to wipe thoroughly to avoid those grundelberries!"
by Pat Crosby June 10, 2008
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