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disease in which someone is grumpy an someone else tries to cheer them up but in doin so they get the disease passed onto them from the first person someone leavin the first person happy again an the second very grumpy
phil is very grumpy, beki tries to find out why an cheer him up a bit, in doin so he happily passes on his grumpyitus leavin her feelin very grumpy an him feelin better an a bit too smug!!!
by crazibeki March 20, 2007
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Everyone has Grumpyitus. It is a disease where when you are irritable and grouchy, you are being effected by Grumpyitus. Most symptoms include; grouchiness, irritableness, loneliness, grumpiness, and the feeling of being misunderstood. If you are experiencing Grumpyitus, the only way is to wait until you feel genuinely happy again. If it is at the expense of others, though, then you are still experiencing it's effects. Don't be frightened or scared if you experience it. It will wear off eventually.
Leah's sister was grouchy and irritated, so Leah though she had the symptoms of Grumpyitus.
by Susie Nym July 22, 2014
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