a grumpopotamus what one would refer to their spouse or partner when they stomp around and grunt as the only means of communication when diplomacy is needed. this is the act of being distant, hung over, hungry, sleepy, drained, emotionally compromised and not talking about whatever it is. ultimately just picking a battle or argument for no good reason with someone when they should be having fun.
hey you what's wrong? NOTHING! come on now, what's up honey? NOTHING! come on sweetie talk to me! RAWR! damn your acting like a grumpopotamus!
by KATSHYT January 30, 2014
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1. (Adj.) One who mopes around all day, complaining about anything and everything .

2. (N.) One who intentionally creates situations to justify their grumpiness
Wow, David, you really are a grumpopotamus

David is a real grumpopotamus today.
SEE David.
by Local94eng June 9, 2023
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