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Verb: It is the act of eating, usually large quantities of unhealthy snacks or junk food, but nevertheless the food will satisfy the hunger urge. One typically will grubulate in preparation for an event (ie partying, video game binge, movie night, road trips), or one will frequently grubulate late at night when they have skipped lunch and/or dinner. Grubulate is not to be confused with "the munchies," because it is self-induced. Comes from the urban jargon root: grub, meaning food.
I'm going to go grubulate at Big Kahuna Burger before I go bar hopping.

In order for us to stay up all night playing video games we need to grubulate tons of convenient store food

I was so busy studying for that psychopharmacology exam I didn't eat all day, so I'm going to go grubulate at that 24hour Mexican drive-thru
by GR3ND4L May 01, 2008
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