A grown ass woman can take responcibility for her own grown ass actions and can pay her own bills and has has the maturity as well as the presence of someone handlin they business
She got her own crib, house, and money she a grown ass woman.
by Amber Coleman September 13, 2007
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Common anagram: GAW. A grown ass women demands respect from men and women. She has confidence and believes in herself. She lives intentionally, and helps her fellow GAW when they need advice or support. She feels empowered and knows that she is worth the best. Many GAW are also a part of the icky hickey society.
Beyonce is a grown ass woman. She is successful, empowers other women, and loves her body. She has pursued her passion and succeeded. Not to mention, she's married to a man who respects and adores her.
by bbgurl_bey March 20, 2010
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