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A term used to tell someone they are cowardly, spineless, lack support for their own actions. A person who lacks male genetalia literally ot figuratively speaking so they are viewd as acting like a sooky little girl.
Julie: Mike grow some balls and face up to your actions. Be honest for once and stop playing games and God with other people's lives.
Mike: I'll just ignore what I did and hope she forgets or just suck up n hope I never have to face up to it...
Julie: pathetic
Mike: I can't disagree with that WAH
by blabblabblabuluvit December 09, 2019

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To lie, manipulate, impersonate or use someone in order to steal from them. Eg those who steal identities and money from other peoples bank accounts.
Maya: ugh I need out...how many dicks were up me this time?

Alen: you'll need surgery to put that thing right...maybe
Mike: wasn't me...I prefer to fuck people by stealing from them.
Maya: drip drip...oh yeah I broke into jJulie's house n stole her I'd. Alan you hack her account again so I can get this smashed crab turned back into a vagina.
Alen: right after I've finished stealing mail.
Mike: oh she might not have any money left I bought a new car from her account and bragged about it to her. Why is she so pissed that in stalking her and messing up her life?
Alen: coz we make fake ids and rip people off.
Meya: I ccollected 30ids from the gguys who can see me on gg last night...
Fraud is a game they all play
by blabblabblabuluvit December 06, 2019

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