1. A selfie taken with two or more people. These are commonly taken through a mirror to fit more people in the shot.

2. Commonly used to look popular and give your Instagram, twitter, Facebook and myspace followers the impression that you have a life and lots of friends.
"Oh my god, lets take a group selfie for Instagram"

Justin: I want to take a selfie but I want to look like I'm popular

Selena: I'll take a group selfie with you.
by Koolkid12244 September 03, 2013
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\ ˈgər(-ə) \ ˈgrüp \ ˈmag-nət \ ˈheds.

attributive noun, plural.

The tilting and sticking together of heads whenever two or more girls pose for a group selfie.
The prevailing explanation among evolutionary biologists to account for spontaneous instances of girl group selfie magnet heads is that they are an expression of herd behavior, and are more specifically described by a sub-field of herd studies known as swarm theory.
by Joker2019Fan March 20, 2021
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