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1. One who is too sedentary to take flight; forever grounded; a flake; one who disappoints friends.
Synonyms include: wet blanket, party pooper, lameass.

2. An easy catch due to its disadvantaged evasive tactics and the groundliness of its mating habits, aka low standards.
Synonyms include: hoebag, ugly ass beez that can't do no better, loose woman.

3. A dance that visually mimics the attempted flight and subsequent failure of the groundbird. Used for both partying and mocking purposes.

All definitions are used in conjunction with Beezy.
Beezy ain't nuthin but a groundbird.

It's fridayz, get off your ass and quit bein a muthafuckin groundbird beezy.

Yeah she'd sleep with you, beezy's a total groundbird. Cheney could shoot that shit.

"Must be Thanxxgivin cause there's hella groundbird around this party"
"Dude...That's your family"

Awww shit! He's hella fly, he's doin tha groundbird!!
by Flophaus Kidzz BAYLYFE 4 EVA!! November 24, 2009
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