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grouhles is a the discription of a scary theme,very eery and foggy. You'll start to see things that arent there. Like when you smoke good ass reefe. So when your seeing the grouhles your smoking yourself some good ass stinky, sticky-icky weed. You can use it in code so your parents or authority doesnt know what you mean, yo wanna go see the grouhles?
yo man wanna go see them grouhley kids tonight? Or man them grouhles is out tonight! or this is some good as grouhles!
by shaun seedeen February 21, 2005
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Originated from "the Grouhly children" who come out when it's foggy. These are mysterious ghoulish creatures that you may or may not see in the fog. Look hard enough, you'll see them.
"Damn, I hope the grouhly children are out tonight."
"I hope I can get some grouhles for work tomorrow."
by J Bonez December 08, 2005
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