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A catchy nickname for the University of Vermont advertised on tie-dyed college shirts. Nobody actually calls it that when they get here though. Groovy because everyone is an urban-outfitters wearing, smoking pot out of a $300 bong while texting on their blackberry, wearing $100 early friendly shoes hippie, and uvy because it kind of rhymes but is not phonetically correct.
student: i'm so excited to be at groovy uvy!
vermonter: u mean that school on top of the hill that causes all the traffic jams when people leave to go skiing on weekends?
student: wha? no man i just wanna smoke some awesome expensive bud and drink!
vermonter: dude u can do that on elmwood ave for practically free.
student: o okay. wanna go creep around jazz fest and drink out of a flask?
vermonter: sure lets just hop on the drunk bus.
by vtstudent June 16, 2009
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