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1.)there is cool, there is trilla, there is ballin' and true baller status, there is luke walton...but at the top of the mountain there exists only one that reigns supreme over all...the select few that have achieved "groovecartness" and will be known as groovecart FOREVER
2.)a magical shopping cart that has a certain pa-zaz to it, allowing it to "groove" on its own
1.)That kid is so mother fucking sweet, hes definately groovecart.
2.)That dude is so groovecart, Id have his children.
3.)That was so much much fun. That was so groovecart.
4.)Megan Fox is the most groovecart woman ALIVE...ever!
5.)I just took a huge shit and it was so clean I didn't even have to wipe, talk about being groovecart.
6.)John Travolta is fucking retarded, hes not groovecart.
7.)A girl got smart with me so i farted on her, whos groovecart now?!!!!!!
by Bobberuski June 18, 2008
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