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Term originated from Jamaican patios. Used to describe people who are always up to mischief and adventure. Recently this term has been adopted by the independent clothing brand GNK which original stood for grizzle neck kids.
Term would be used in the following way: "See my boy Trilla yeah, he's been a grizzle neck from day"


"I know my mans a straight grizzle neck but he ain't ever treated me like your fool of a boyfriend"
by Mr GNK September 06, 2013
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Someone (usually a friend) who had just displayed a distinct lack of intelligence.
Tim: "I don't know where all those numbers (On the phone bill) came from, I know I was the only one ion the house at the time, but I didn't ring anyone"

Woz: "Have you been ringing sex lines in the day... you Grizzleneck!
by Lord Muttonchop August 26, 2008
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Donnas big fat fuckin NECK!!
It's a hard neck life tortoise. Grizzle Neck
by Weird Al Yanka Dick March 06, 2019
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