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From STAR WARS. A small, exotic animal that likes to be pet. They are amphibious looking, and are considered 'cute'. Though they are also considered a nuisance for their rapid breeding habits.

An example of the grizka is found in the game, Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic, where 'new' Revan's ship
was given an order that wasn't his on the Tatooine port of Anchorhead ( an earlier version of Mos Eisley, 4006 BBY). It was filled with grizka that escaped, and scattered all around his vessel, the EBON HAWK (a ship with an extreme similarity to the MILLENIUM FALCON, perhaps same ship model). The Grizka could have been sold to a Selkath on Manaan, later in the game.
These Grizka bother me, I might have to terminate them for breeding quickly upon my vessel.
by Tony Picknell June 03, 2005
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