Word used by Ruby Rhod in the movie "The Fifth Element".
It means something rocks, something's cool...
Ruby to Korben : It must be green ! Ok ?

(Go on youtube.com and search "lol from 5th element")
by Chris Bast December 06, 2007
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Slang for the term "cool" taken from the movie 'The Fifth Element'. In the film when an ID or multipass is accepted there is a corresponding green light that illuminates, signifying everything is in order.
Korben Dallas: You guard this with your life, or you're gonna look like this guy here! You green?
DJ Ruby Rhod: G-green!.
Korben Dallas: Super green?
DJ Ruby Rhod: Super green!

by R.K. Openshaw February 09, 2009
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The first toke on a freshly-loaded pipe of marijuana.
by doogie March 27, 2003
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1. Marijuana
2. Money
3. To be new at something
4. To feel like shit
Man, I just blew all my green on some green, but i'm green and now i'm feelin green. Possibly.
by Mr Bug November 15, 2006
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1) Marijuana
2) Money
3) the horny color
4) envious
5) the color
1) let's go smoke some green
2) look at the green of my bills
3) jane is wearing green.. she's horny!
4) bobby is green with envy.
5) grass is the color green!
by hi2u! August 07, 2005
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Another word for "Go" or positive. Mostly used by the military.
Operator: "How is your landing gear?"
Pilot: "All green."
Operator: "Roger."
by Levi Westbrook February 09, 2005
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