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when ones balls have been covered in vaginal fluid and the girl sucks it off with her tongue, but there is still some residue, but its not over, then the guy goes to the store to buy cigarettes and he sharts
Alex: man last week was so jank! dude i had greasy grapefruits like every day!

Sam: has you r girlfriend ever given you a greasy grapefruit?
Hansel: NO!
Sam: Well its amazing!

Megan: last night i gave my boyfriend a greasy grapefruit! WOOHOO!

Tyler: Dude, Jenny gave me a greasy grapefruit last night!
KJ: Was it awesome?
Tyler: Fuck no, Jenny was jank!
KJ: Shit, i want it from sami!!
by burning swan figs March 30, 2010
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