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-someone who wears a bit of black
-someone who doesn't like to follow a trend because it's blaitantly STUPID LOOKING
-a girl with short hair
-a boy with long hair

in fact, it doesn't even matter if you have greasy hair any more. It's just a stupid label, which sounds stupid coming from the mouth of a skinny spotty chav with slicked back hair. Argh.
Saff: "They've shortened greasehead to just grease now because they can't be bothered to say it"
Mary: "soon it will be just gr. and then just a wave of the hand. and then just a quick glance in the general direction"

by _Katie_ June 20, 2006
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people whos hair is really ghetto, and baby oil vasiline greasy.
Oh god will those stuptid grease heads just leave me be!
by Christine November 08, 2003
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