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To "grassham", or to be grassham'ed is an act of abandonment. To the recipient, you'd be stranded by a supposed friend. To the guilty party, or grasshamicator, the only difference between being a fucking prick, a cocksucker, or just a straight up asshole, to being a grasshamicator is that you are such a coward, you cushion your premeditated act with minimal financial restitution. Whereas, a cocksucker knows he's a cocksucker and cares little to none about his actions and generally does these things without reason at all, and a grasshamicator has a reason, but it is extremely frivolous. So frivolous that the grasshamicator lacks the fortitude to admit to it, hence, being a gutless coward and grasshamicator.
Yeah, my supposed homeboy for 25 years grassham'ed me, my dog, and her 2 little puppies high and dry on the street.

I knew he was a punk, but to grassham me after all we been through?

Girl; I think I have a crush on that guy that works at the adult video store. Is that weird?

Guy; yeah, that guy's a wormy fucking douche! He may grassham you because his goldfish died or some shit. He looks like a total grasshamicator and I'm warning you now, if you get grassham'ed, don't call me to cry about it!
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by Ardius December 10, 2017
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