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The name is based off of a cartoon from the past and it was called Grape Ape. He was a huge purple gorilla. Now for the definition. The balloon knot is normally a 'purple-ish' color (grape) and when you pull out of the ass, the sphincter can stay open for a brief period with the approximate girth of the intruder that was recently there (gape). In texting, this can be visualized by: ( O )
During an amazing cornholing with a hooker, I pulled out and took a look at her butt hole and saw a grape gape that seemed to be screaming.
by jkcii63 September 30, 2009
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when you stretch out you "gape" your ladies ass, stick your "grapes" in there, then screw her while politely asking her to cough or clench her distended anus to massage your testicles. also appilcable to men or animals that understand you.
"hey jim, what did you do last night?"
"You're mom! I have her a grape gape!"
"Dude she's 80!"
by dhunter May 18, 2010
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