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An excitable, quick tempered and usually horny individual. Usually get's picked on a lot. Graham Christmas' usually find one person and fall in love with them instantly, however, the person never loves them back. They will stay in love with this person for the rest of their life and this person is usually a male. Graham Christmas' will usually have really good friends but not many. They will accept him for being gay and they're names are usually as follows;
Anna, Mae, Chantelle & Shannon
However, they do usually meet one fake friend and they are generally called Tyler.
They aren't very trusting and if they trust you DO NOT damage that trust. They will lose all trust in everyone and it'll take a very long time to build it back up again.
"Who's that kid over there being picked on?"
"Oh, that must be a Graham Christmas."
by AmyToonlink October 24, 2013
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