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in highschools grade 8-12, 8s being the youngest, these pre teens tend to act cocky and loud. they hang out in large numbers to look "cool" but only crowd hallways and make them unpassable, and think of themselves THE BEST (reasons why will vary) they also tend to find every act, stupid or not, "awesome" Laugh everytime the word sex, or words relating to, funny and know nothing of it other than from what they hear from porn. tend to be, in general, the least respected people
guy1: damn grade 8s.. always blocking the hallways..
guy2: i know eh.. jus 'cuz they were the oldest people in their old school(s) they act all cocky now
guy1: dont worry, once they hit grade 9, they'll know how they were, and will eventually lose all respect for them as we did.
guy2: amen to that.
by Strikes~ May 24, 2005
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The Grade 8 class in high school, they think there all hardcore and cocky, they crowd hallways, and carry their backpacks with all their binders and text books in it making their backpack 24" fat or even fatter. All you have to do to get past the grade 8s is just push them or their backpacks. The best thing about them carry their big bags is if you push their backbag they will do a 360 spin and fall over if you push them hard enough. OH and for some strange reason the Grade 8s get shorter and shorter every year.
Aaron - "Damn grade 8s"
Ryan - "I know theres too many of them"
Aaron - "I just push their backpacks, they will do a 360 and tumble over" (Pushes back packs of grade 8 midgets)
Ryan - "HAHAHA"
by Legendary December 20, 2006
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Having a family member and a boyfriend over and going to the washroom with your boyfriend and commencing oral sex
Yoooo i just pulled a "Grade 8"

*cellfone rigs* Yo where are you
-I'm in "Grade 8"
by Mejk-a-Nejm August 17, 2008
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