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Gracjana is a sweet intelligent girl who is usually Polish has a great spence of humour her and her best friend like to call themselves single potatoes and like to chill out chat, get into mischief and just be them selves she has brown eyes and brown hair she has a lot of cats but prefer dogs

. Guys think she is pretty cool and like to be around her and her best friend guys think she is hot and would die to take her out on a date but they are acared that they will be rejected because she likes using the term singe potato and she would leave her frieknd as a lonely sigle potato
Guy 1...Gracjana is so pretty I call dibs
Guy 2... bro she declines everybody but she is hot asf nobody knows why she declines she even declines the hottest guy in our previous school she has an attitude and is fiesty 🥔🥔🥔🥔
by a personnnn September 06, 2017
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