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breaking up without the traditional negative actions and emotions of anger, jealousy, rage, depression, down-rapping the ex, burning things they left at your house, calling up the new gf/bf and screaming at them. Breaking up without sacrificing the friendship.

A friendly uncontested divorce - where the individuals do not need lawsuits and TROs - is an example of graceful distancing.
My husband Jim and I are graceful distancing, but we are not divorced yet. He moved out without any screaming or blaming. We are still friends.

We split the weekends with the kids. We both go to parent teachers conferences. We each kept our retirement accounts. I asked for child support but no alimony.
We still do Thanksgiving & Christmas and birthdays together with the kids, and we have talked about integrating our new lovers next year.
by kip seeks December 06, 2010
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