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The Russian word for "Shit". If a Russian use this word, it is pretty good indicator that he is in bad mood.
by Boris the Blade April 08, 2003
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1. shit, natural result of eating something
2. really bad situation
3. very bad rude unkind and shitty man-real asshole
4. something strange, unknown
1. Yesterday I was walking down the street and stepped in a pile of govno (shit) - Vchera guljal po ulice i vljapalsja v govno
2. It's half past ten and I haven't finish my work - that's govno! (shit) Ept', uje pol odinnadcatogo, a rabotu ja tak i ne sdelal. Vot govno!!!
3. He is a mistake of nature-he is not a man. He is a GOVNO. On-jertva aborta, jivoy vikidish, prosto GOVNO!

4. I saw an alien in the park: Wooohohow!!! What's a GOVNO! (shit) Ja brel po parku v noch gluhuju i uvidel prisheltsa: EPT', BLJA, NAHUY! CHE ETO ZA GOVNO TAKOE?
by smx September 11, 2006
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ako, sranje, drisnq. Mazno debelo kafqvo neshto
Ti si ebati govnoto - You`re fukcin shit!
by maharishi April 20, 2005
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