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1. A term reflecting the excessive amount of spin, misdirection, butt-covering, and massaged statistics that come from our elected officials. Recognized by the fact that a spinmeister must "clarify" what a politician meant whenever he sticks his foot deep into his mouth.
VeeP Biden: "Swine flu? I wouldn't go anywhere in confined spaces."

Staff: "What the VeeP meant to say was..."

Another fine example of govern-meant.
by just_warming_up September 02, 2009
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The future utopian government that every presidential candidate says will occur when he or she gets elected. Usually consists of a balanced national budget, jobs for everyone, etc.
"Bush's governmeant was all about American superiority in the world."

"In my new governmeant, everyone shall get a candy cane, not just the Glen Cocos of America."
by Dabombin19 December 25, 2009
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