Something that a NY Mobster might tell a reporter when he knows that his time is limited. He's done some really outrageous shit to other gangsters, and as a result, he is a dead man. Like a moth caught on a hot light, he knows it's wrong, but the danger gives him such a charge that he really has ceased to care. A guy in this position would say this and really mean it.
"I got one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel." "We live this way, but we don't care."
by Armando 1972 December 30, 2011
a bad start when you see someone for the first time, bad impression
Sherry and I got off the wrong foot when we met for the first time
by cheraghali February 27, 2008
To be kicked.
"I heard you broke up with Sara."

"Yeah. She got the foot."
by Chucky hater March 3, 2010