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In many cases an employee no longer works at a company and it is not known to his/her co-workers if he was actually fired or quit. In reality even if the person quit, it was because they were forced or convinced to quit. This is an easy way to describe why the person is no longer at the company.
Where's Sam, I haven't seen him at work for a while. Oh Sam? You didn't hear, he got quit 2 weeks ago.
by Robby B. October 29, 2006
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1. In certain circumstances, a company will find itself in a situation where it wants/needs to fire an employee but owes said employee a favor or wishes to save face for both parties. In this case, before the firing, the employee is given the opportunity to quit instead.

2. Euphemistic manner of referring to a forced resignation.
"John doesn't work here anymore? They didn't mention anything about firing him!"
"No, he got quit since they caught him in the bathroom with two hamsters, a bottle of KY, and the secretary from the front desk."
by 3-D January 28, 2005
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