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First, prior to the “encounter,” shave off your pubes and save them in a bag. Then, while receiving a blowjob and at the moment of orgasm plunge your penis as far as it will go to make her gag and for you to orgasm at the same time making her shoot her sperm through her nose (like a white dragon). Then take some pubes out of the baggie and throw them in her face (like a gorilla face) and yell “Gorilla Monsoon!” This is a tribute to the late wrestler/commentator.
We got back from the arena and this chick was all up on my nuts. I let her take the trip and gave her the Gorilla Monsoon. She probably won't be back...
by Captain_America June 28, 2007
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When a chubby, hairy man cums on his own stomach, immediately grabs his wife by the back of her neck and nuzzles her nose inside his navel. A form of love abuse.
"Here it comes, oh, here, it comes!!!"

(Grabs her head) "Gorilla Monsoon bitch!!!" (Splat, right into the matted down hairy belly)
by Intangible Mandible January 18, 2016
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