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Verb: To repeatedly post images or videos depicting extreme violence or bloodshed in an attempt to scare off newfags or get yourself b&. This usually only works on imageboards where rapid posting is not restricted, such as 4chan. This is also known as gorespamming.
Noun: The name given to threads that have been goreflooded.
Anon: Did you see that goreflood on 4chan yesterday?
Anon: Yeah, that was fuckin' great! I came like 60 times!
Anon: Haha, that was me posting all those!
Anon: Fuck yeah!
Anon: I must've scared off a hundred thousand newfags with that one thread!
Anon: Yeah, but how long are you banned for?
Anon: moot only gave me two weeks!
Anon: Lulz.
by Nuggar April 13, 2008
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