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A short video clip that can be viewed on YouTube. GO WATCH IT LULULULULUL

Also, the sound made during the anal rape of a small asian man.

Also, the best rogue on Rampage.
by GOOSHGOOSHGOOSH January 20, 2009
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1. The most disturbing video you'll ever see, guaranteed.

2. A 30-second clip from an anime that features a giant blob-man raping a normal sized human to death while three other men stand around letting this happen as though nothing's wrong with the situation.
Person 1: I heard about this whole "Goosh Goosh" thing and I'm curious.
Person 2: Don't say nobody warned you. If you heard of it you've probably already been warned.
by Camime August 24, 2017
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1. An euphemism for sex.
2. An acknowledgment that you would like to have sex with an individual usually made by turning to the person and motioning with your hand and saying 'goosh goosh' or better yet turning away and motioning to your friends in reference to an individual.
Greg - "Goosh goosh!"
(motioning towards hot blonde)
Aaron - "Yeah, I'd tap that"
Magda - "Let's goosh goosh"
Matt - "OK"
by Matt June 23, 2007
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